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With almost 20 years of experience as a real estate broker in the Northampton, Massachusetts area, I specialize in helping both individuals and families achieve their real estate goals. I began my career at Goggins Real Estate in 1996, where I stayed for seven years before opening my own real estate agency. Today, I’m thrilled to be back where I started – at an agency that is consistently recognized as a leader in the Northampton real estate market.

The Personalized Attention You Deserve

It is with great integrity and care that I approach every real estate transaction. As a buyer’s agent, I work tirelessly to ensure the homes my clients buy are a wise investment and in line with their financial goals. My experience in financial services often comes in handy during this process – particularly when working with first-time buyers who may not fully understand all of the costs that go into home ownership.

More than one client has mentioned my cautionary approach regarding the possible purchase of the wrong home – a rare quality for someone in the business of closing a sale. But by searching for real estate as if I were buying a home for myself, I’m helping ensure that each client is as informed as possible about the home they are purchasing.

With each of my clients, I combine my experience, energy and desire to help to make the real estate experience a fun and fulfilling process. I love what I do and welcome the opportunity to help you!


Cathy Hunter

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