Once your offer is accepted, you typically have 10 business days to perform a structural home inspection, as well as optional inspections such as radon (air and water), water quality, lead paint and mold. These inspections are important, as they provide an independent review of the property that is not influenced by any of the other parties involved.

Please note: You should make an appointment with the inspector at a convenient time for you, as you or your representative should be present at the inspection. This process typically takes 3 to 4 hours. Also, you will need to give the seller at least 24 hours notice. You can coordinate the date and time with me, and I’ll contact the seller on your behalf.

Local Home Inspectors in Hampshire and Franklin Counties

The following list of local home inspectors is prepared for your convenience only, and is not meant to serve as a recommendation; nor is it meant to imply that any of the inspectors listed are any more competent than any other inspector you might find online or through a referral.

All are licensed with the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. For a statewide list of home inspectors, please visit click here.

Ken Arnold, Ahearn Inspection Service, 413-586-8370, 800-499-8730

Mike McDowell, Building Inspectors of America 800-626-4408

Dale Potter, Building Inspector’s of America 800-626-4408  (also, other inspectors as available)

Mike Beaudry, Beaudry Inspections, Belchertown, MA 413-323-5640

Joseph Bottone, Bottone Inspections, Ludlow, MA 413-589-9191

Dan Cioch, Cummings & Cioch Inspections, Agawam, MA 413-786-4300

Jeffrey Cook, Home Inspector, Northampton, MA 413-575-8689

Paul Doel, Home Inspector, Belchertown, MA 413-626-2595

Rick Galarneau, Aaron Radon Inspections, Hatfield, MA 413-247-0272, 800-305-1112

Neal Gifford, Gifford Home Inspection, Greenfield, MA 413-774-2662

Matthew Kaufman, Kaufman Inspection Services, Holyoke, MA 413-527-1345

Shawn Johnson, Bay State Inspections, Erving, MA 413-522-7295

Paul Martinelli, Absolute Home Inspection 413-587-9222

Harvey Sansoucy, Friendly Home Inspections, Belchertown, MA 413-237-4620 or 413-283-9321 or 413-283-4841

John Rodkey, JM Rodkey, Co., Inspections, Amherst, MA 413-259-6969 or 617-484-6310

William Stephens, Professional Building Inspection Service, Charlemont, MA  413-339-8308

Paul Viens, PDV Inc., Greenfield, MA 413-773-0252

Edward Wagner, Easthampton, MA 0102

Click HERE for a list of Licensed Home Inspectors in Massachusetts.